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Donna Araneta

Donna Araneta is a Coach and advocate of Self Love and Women empowerment. Her brand expresses a vibe of spiritual, comfort, feminine and professional
at the same time.

Ariza Projects Portfolio Website

LuzCommerce is a digital marketing agency offering high quality services to help eCommerce businesses drive more leads. The brand vibe of LuzCommerce is modern and professional.

Build Client Trust

Logo & Branding

Ariza Projects Portfolio Logo and Branding

BotCamp is a coaching program under Bots At Work which focuses on providing courses and workshops related to chatbot automation and integration to different tools.

Aside from being professional, BotCamp also aims to be approachable and trustworthy to their students.

Ariza Projects Portfolio Logo and Branding

Valuepod is a podcast services business that positions itself to be fun, approachable yet professional at the same time. To achieve the vibe we used bold font, orange and black main color with combination of edgy and curved elements.

Launch Kit

Marketing Assets

Ariza Projects Portfolio Marketing Assets
Credit Chef

The Credit Chef is a credit business that focuses on repairing and maintaining good credit score of their clients.

This brand aims to show professional yet fun approach to communicate its quality services.

Ariza Projects Portfolio Marketing Assets
Gutsy Holistic

Gutsy Health is all about empowering people to confidently understand their bodies and take charge of their health.

This brand aims to be trustworthy and have a welcoming yet professional approach with their clients.